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Closed by Google, it is re-born with a new and more assertive stance. Being independent now, we will not be subjected to censorship or to moderate our posts to please those who should not even be given the time of day. In this blog we don't play by anybody's rules.

This blog does respect copyright and intellectual property, we will stride to give credit whenever possible, authors, photographers and artists. If you feel that we have posted something of yours that we obtained from the internet because you posted it, we will be more than happy to remove it. Just let us know which post and the date.

Please be aware that this is not a public podium, we love and welcome all comments, even criticism...but you must not hide behind “anonymous” we will not be your platform if you are not brave enough to stand behind your convictions hiding under an anonymous identity.

The models shown are not the characters in our stories

This is a liberal-Progressive and secular site with plenty of gay content, nudity, profanity and it should not be viewed by persons younger than 18.


Google has gotten out of hand in my opinion. Many of you are aware that Google closes blogs arbitrarily and without explanation. If you ask for one, they either don't provide it or they tell you to “read the terms and conditions” which are many and you have no idea what it was that caused them to make the call to close your blog. To me, that is a bit unethical, true, we did sign to agree to the terms and conditions, but it is also incumbent upon Google to be fair and inform you the reason you've had your account closed.

And that's the other thing, if you mess up in one of your blogs, not knowing what you did, you're bound to repeat it, yet, they just don't close the blog in question, they close your account.

It is not surprising that bloggers are seeking alternatives. When Google finds itself with only garden clubs or silly “I went to Denny's today” blogs, they are going to wish they had all those blogs back.

Now Google has reversed their policy and blogs are allowed to be published again, however, the original Top To Bottom has not been restored yet.

If you don't agree or like the content, just don't visit this blog.

Ra├║l Rodriguez

Cuban-American, senior, gay liberal-progressive artist and former language professor is a cantankerous and opinionated activist for equal rights, LGBT causes, secularism, fighting ignorance and theocracy.